A Journey Through Time...
By: M Jeffri Razali

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Thursday, 6-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Photo Challenge - Candid II


Just another little pic for the photo challenge...could not do more as it was raining quite heavily today and too cloudy. Lets hope that tomorrow will be brighter. In the meantime, guess that this will have to do.

P.S: I have no idea myself what he was doing...

Wednesday, 5-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Faces Of Melaka XII - Resting Ground

Something From The Present
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The history of Bandar Kaba, which is located in the heart of Melaka city, can be traced back to the 16th century century when Melaka was seized by the Portuguese.

This is indeed one of the old sections of Melaka city as it was said that this settlement once stood at the fringe of the mighty A'Famosa fort which covers almost all of today's Bandar Hilir. According to local folklore, it was from here that the locals launched their sporadic attacks on the A'Famosa fort and the nearby St John's fort after the fall Melaka.

Today, however, gone are the traces of these so-called sporadic attacks or the mighty A'Famosa fall, safe for a small portion of its main entrance which still stands today.However, there is a plot of land, directly at the foot of the St Paul's hill which bear testimony to the conquest of Melaka - the Dutch Graveyard.

The graveyard, which is surprisingly well-kept despite its age, was once the burial ground for Dutch and British soldiers who perished in Melaka. It was said that the soldiers, who died while defending the St Paul's hill, would be quietly brought down the hill and given a burial to avoid detection.

Tuesday, 4-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Photo Challenge - Candid


Just a little pic...

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Scenes Of Malaysian Life II

Even The Young Ones Are Helping Out
Everyone Lending A Helping Hand
Bringing People Together
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Perhaps one of the most colourful spectacle and a perfect place to see the true colours of Malaysia and Malaysians, is during a traditional Malay wedding. This is one occassion which truly brings out the spectacle as people from all walks of life join hands to celebrate the joyous occassion.

This is also the time for practically everyone in the village, family members and friends to pitch in and help in the preparation for the grand event, in some cases, it can go on for days. Preparation and cooking of food is always reserved for the women folk, who will come together and work together to prepare the food. For the men and youths, pitching up tents and other items are theirs as they labour against time, usually under the hot sun, to ensure that everything goes on as planned.Things do not end here. On the wedding day itself, many will toil to ensure that guests will have ample food on their table while others will work hard to ensure that plates and cups are washed and tables cleaned up.

In any Malay wedding, the groom and his bride, who are known as 'Raja Sehari' (King For A Day) will be treated like a king, just for that day at least. Their escorts and others close to them will always be at hand to cater to their needs and see that they are being treated the way a king should be.

A traditional Malay wedding has never cease to amaze me in the sense that such an event can, without fail, bring together people and the unity among them can be clearly seen by all. Back in those days, and in some cases even today, a wedding is a celebration that many look forward to as it can normally bring people closer, mend any ill-feelings and reunite old friends and relatives.

However, while such wedding ceremony is still being practised, many are now opting for a more convenient way to wed, either by engaging caterers to do all the work or simply hold their wedding in hotels to avoid the hassle. It will indeed be a matter of time before such colourful and meaningful wedding ceremony disappear for good.

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Faces Of Melaka XI - From Brightly-Coloured To Sombre

Brightly-Coloured Buildings
Along The Town's Main Road
Orange & Yellow
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Despite its name, Pulau Sebang is not an island after all. (Pulau means island). It is a thriving town along the Melaka-Negeri Sembilan border. Pulau Sebang is one of the three major towns in the Alor Gajah district, the other two being Alor Gajah and Masjid Tanah.

Its main road, which runs through the heart of town, is divided into two - one under the jurisdiction of Pulau Sebang and the other Tampin in Negeri Sembilan. Perhaps due its proximity with the State border, this town is a hive of activity with people and vehicle clogging the road. Looking for a parking space here is indeed an enormous task and not for the weak-hearted.

Those travelling along the town's main road will definately notice the sheer contrast between Pulau Sebang and its next door neighbour, Tampin. Travel for about 100 meters, you will notice that most of the buildings on your left and right are brightly painted in shades of orange or yellow. But once you cross into the other side, the brightly-coloured buildings seem to disappear, to be replaced by more sombre-looking buildings.

Despite the hive of daily activity in Pulau Sebang, not many are well aware of the existance of this town. Majority of Malaysians seem to know more about Tampin, Pulau Sebang's next door neighbour, rather than Pulau Sebang itself.

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