A Journey Through Time...
By: M Jeffri Razali

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Friday, 21-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lets Go Shopping

Ok...We Are Here
Now To Look For Parking
Spoilt For Choice
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Yipee...lets go shopping...!

Okay I admit...I am not really into shopping...or window shopping for that matter. Prefer to go straight to the things I want, grabbed them, pay for them and head out the door even before you could say tally-ho.

But one thing is for sure...I always love the atmosphere at a shopping complex...particularly if a festive season is approaching. You can actually feel the festive spirit in the air, although you may not be celebrating it. And of course, the offer is not too bad during this period, although I must admit that I know nuts about offers and stuff like that.

Another reason why I like shopping complexes is that you get to see all sorts of people and their antics. Kids throwing tantrum when they do not get what they want...shoppers clinging to as many plastic bags their fingers can bear (thank God we only have 10 of them)...going through all the items on sales looking for the best offer only to end up buying nothing. Sounds familiar? I somehow believe that when we see these people, whether we like it or not, they seem to be a mirror to ourselves.

As for me...shopping complex means dodging and outsmarting the guards and taking pictures...especially when there is a huge sign saying no photography is allowed...

Thursday, 20-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Faces Of Melaka XVII - Night Hang Out

The Ghost Chef At Work
My First Glass Of Coffee For The Night
Then It Went Forth & Multiplied
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This 1.5km pedestrian mall, which is located in the heart of Melaka town has become one of the latest night hangouts for those who love to do so at night. Modelled after 'Bintang Walk' in Kuala Lumpur, and to some extend 'BP Walk' in Batu Pahat, Johor, this is one of the few places in the city which is alive at night.

Taking cue from 'Bintang Walk' and the trend in other States to have such place, Hang Tuah Mall became a reality when it was officially opened to the public on Oct 3, 2002.

Hang Tuah Mall does not only provide an alternative to those who like night outings, it also brought life to the area, which was once deserted after 7pm. Today, regardless what time it is in the night, there seems to be something to do around here...either hang out for a couple of drinks with friends at one of the many food kiosks or simply do nothing but enjoy the night.

As for me, this place is perfect to actually witness the colours and antics of the locals, especially the teenagers...

Wednesday, 19-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Photo Challenge - Power

Awesome Fire Power
Since I have exhausted all my 'powers' over the last few days, I guess this will have to do for the time being. More 'powerful' ones coming over the next few days...hopefully...

Tuesday, 18-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sleeping Beauties

The Milky Way upon the heavens
is twinkling just for you
and Mr. Moon he came by
to say goodnight to you

I'll sing for you I'll sing for mother
We're praying for the world
and for the people everywhere
gonna show them all we care

Oh my sleeping child the world's so wild
but you've build your own paradise
That's one reason why I'll cover you sleeping child

If all the people around the world
they had a mind like yours
we'd have no fighting and no wars
there would be lasting peace on Earth

If all the kings and all the leaders
could see you here this way
they would hold the Earth in their arms
they would learn to watch you play

Oh my sleeping child the world's so wild
but you've build your own paradise
That's one reason why I'll cover you sleeping child

I'm gonna cover my sleeping child
Keep you away from the world so wild

<Michael Learns To Rock/Jascha Richter>

This is what happens when you run out of ideas...

Monday, 17-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
One Candle

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A spark flickers
a bright flame glows.
Pushing shadows back
one candle burns.

Within its heart
such strength is born.
Brings the will to persevere
in the darkest hours.

From one burning candle
no matter near or far.
Like a living soul
warm energy flows.

To one who is lost
this tiny radiance
lights a dark path.
It shows the way.

Think of the good
could be done.
Had one the power
of a single burning candle.

One Candle By Kurt Hearth

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